About Bosco

We founded Bosco in 2015. We are a group of parents who care about their kids and want to be there for them whenever they need. 

We looked for answers but the only solutions we could find were either parental control apps or spy apps. And neither one of these solutions respected our children's privacy and right for autonomy.

So we came up with Bosco.

An app that does not restrict, limit or shut down.

An app that monitors and alerts the parents. An app that isn't intended to replace education or parenthood.



Founder, Dreamer, Doer

Father of 3


The team's dad

Father of 3


The office joker

Father of 4

Head of Marketing

Zumba addict

Mother of 2

Head of Product

Amateur dancer

Father of 3

Head of UI/UX

Literature enthusiast

Mother of 2

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