February 6, 2018

As the founder of a company focused on parenting, I am intimately aware of the risks that children face on the internet. It’s why I make sure to speak to my 3 children about their online lives every single day. To me, it’s no different than asking them about their day in school.

October 25, 2017

Just two years after it’s initial launch, Bosco is now being used by 25,000 families in 50 countries around the world to help keep their children safe.

August 2, 2016

Mommy. Daddy. Such a small, little, non-threatening, cute-sounding word, but with a world of responsibility behind it. A world full of excitement, worry, admiration, anxiety, happiness, fear, and love - unconditional love.

It's hard to create a little person, keep him alive, and then on top of it make them happy. We can hard...

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